12 Tips For Setting Up Your Home Office

12 Tips For Setting Up Your Home Office

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They are proven to reduce stress and enhance your concentration. Therefore, adding plants to your home office can brighten your day and set your positive mood for work. A clean and tidy space can definitely boost your productivity. Researchers at Princeton University studied the relationship between the surrounding environment and human distraction.

Here’s a great article from Lifehacker on managing wires with some cheap tools. Prices can range from a basic chair priced around $50 to ahigh-end Aeron chair setting you back at least $1,000. PJs, aside, there are several strategies to stay productive when working from home, starting with how to best set up your home office. If you’re willing to spend a little more money, noise-canceling headphones can tamp down ambient sounds. Big, comfortable over-ear headphones can make it seem like you have more privacy than you actually do and help you focus. Many home offices don’t have much space to work with, and that’s why smart storage solutions are a must.

Premium Support

Invest in a good chair that is the right height and provides proper back and arm support for the type of work you will be doing. Ideally, your home office setup should be in a quiet area with some level of privacy—especially if you share the home with a spouse, roommate, or children. It’s important that you’re able to separate your working space from your living space in order to minimize distractions and stay focused. To prevent glare, try positioning your desk so that the window is perpendicular to it on the wall to your right or left. Some people like to plaster their home office walls with inspirational words and catchphrases. But you can also send yourself a visual cue that work should be fun using bold wallpaper. Playful check plaid wallpaper in neutral tones by Emily Henderson Design gives this workspace a lighthearted feel designed to boost your spirits during long days at the home office.

  • When natural light isn’t possible, or you just need more light, invest in the right kinds of lamps.
  • In general, light and airy colors are preferred for a home office.
  • A truly healthy and productive setup isn’t as simple as plopping your laptop on your coffee table and calling it an office.
  • Or build your own computer stand with a jigsaw and $10 worth of materials.

If you believe in aromatherapy, certain smells can make us feel calm or energized . Even if you home office tips don’t believe that fragrances affect us to any measurable degree, they can still be pleasant.

Don’t Strain Your Eyes

No matter how tiny of a space you live in, this habit can make a huge difference. When natural light isn’t possible, or you just need more light, invest in the right kinds of lamps. While you may think overhead lighting is the way to go, they can create a glare on your screen or desk, making it hard for you to see.

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